Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's time for a change

I was browsing through my old blog and I realised I have had that blog from the days of yesteryear. I used to spill the beans about anything and everything paying no mind to the idea that anyone and everyone could read about my entire life. I was an immature brat, to put it nicely and the only reason I did not migrate to Blogspot earlier is probably due to my rather pesky issue of attachment.
I was being nosey the other day and thought I'd sign up for a Blogspot account with really no intention on maintaining it or even blogging. But I managed to discover the many things this blog engine provides me as opposed to Blogdrive. I will try & not to bore you here..

A week ago I went to watch (500) Days of Summer with my dearest of dears, C.P.. Despite what some amatuer critics are claiming, I absolutely LOVED this movie. Not for it's rather ridiculously impossible ending but more so for it's appreciation of the old saying "there are two sides to every story". Being a girl who has been burned a plenty of times by the opposite sex, I had become some what biased in my views on relationship break downs. Now I will try and not ruin the movie for you all but it was a good change to see things from the male's point of view. I'm not one to claim perfection amongst ones self but I was one who would point the blame at the opposite sex simply because the rule books says so.
Apart from it's unconventional story line, I loved the music! Loved it so much I downloaded the soundtrack the minute I got home! I am such a sucker for Indie tracks!

I like sleeping to the sound of rain. I wish it could rain at night & never during the day; except weekends, of course.
I hate hot, rainy days. Today's forecast is to be one of such days. Great 30 degree weather accompanied by a dark, rumbling parade of clouds with plenty to cry about. Great. Now what do I wear?? Short's would be ideal, but the rain is boycotting my idea of revealing my pasty legs. Then there is the matter concerning shoes. I can't wear my boots because I have no intention on sweating myself dry and I don't want to wear my Rabens, flats or gladiator sandals because the rain will just soak right through.
I hate decisions; early morning ones especially. I suppose it's why I am juggling my fashion dilemma right now. If I wake up and attempt to face it then, I could be late.. I WILL be late. I think I will be late regardless.
I'm in a rut so I love my bed a lot more than usual. Waking up is usually the worst part so I stay in bed for a little longer than I should. Resulting in 10 minutes less to get ready ... 10 minutes later out the door ... 10 minutes late arrival ...
That is more time I have wasted on you. "
- September 21, 2009.

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