Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here's looking at you.

If you live within Australia you will probably have come across the mX at some point in time, whether it be because the trains and busses are littered with them or because you read them religiously.
I wanted to post something in the Here's looking at you section but because I spotted this eye candy away from public transport, the chances of him reading it are quite slim (not that posting it on my blog is any better).

You were running around the UWS, Kingswood bar on Thursday afternoon between 12-1.30, wearing a flannelet top and skinny jeans with awesome Tigers for shoes. YOU ARE SO FRICKING GORGEOUS. MARRRRRRRRRY MEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

This week I have:

  • Fallen down the stairs infront of the boys who I study Law with. I can't say it was my finest of embarrasing moments but it is surely up there.
  • Stressed myself silly with an exam and two assessments due consecutively after each other. Why is it that University enjoys inundating us with loads of work in the final weeks? Have they not heard of spreading things out?
  • Suffered an ongoing headache since Wednesday afternoon. It took my Nurofen 30 minutes to kick in last night. It's safe to say I went bat shit insane whilst waiting.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

just so you know...

They are not interferences nor are they annoying; they are my friends.
I don't come in a single pack; wherever I go, they go. They ALWAYS have my back and I am not going to let them go for this.
Don't call them extra baggage because it isn't "extra"; we come as one.
They are my homies whether you like it or not.

Monday, October 26, 2009

nag hag

Why am I always so persistant? I have to have closure with every single little aspect of my life; even something as small as confirming a time to meet.
My insecurity will be my social demise; I'm constantly nagging people about really pointless things. And when they don't respond with their usual cheery attitude, I fear that they have become a part of the "you're annoying me" clan.
It's a vicious cycle and I will always come out second best.

Maybe it's just harder because you're one of my best friends & I usually expect my friends to be there when I'm in need. Or to at least express a remote interest.
Maybe I expect too much.

Friday, October 23, 2009

commitment issues

I'm beginning to think I have commitment issues; and that's not the issues relating to relationships, but more so, my commitment to projects I insist on starting.
Case in point - this very blog.
I haven't attended to this overly neglected blog in over a week and I am terribly sorry :( truth is, my crazy weekend was followed by a string of assignments and that needed completing. Let me re-cap!

LAST Thursday - Oktoberfest. I remembered lining up to get inside and buy my drinks & I remember leaving and heading to World Square Bar. Everything else in between these events are a little hazy. N2S: Lower alcohol intake!

LAST Friday - Feli's second 21st birthday party! Best themed party I have been to thus far. 1988 Prom was such a grand idea and most people came in theme (thank you Lewisham boys for wearing those sexy bow ties). I was too scared to get overly drunk as a repeat of the previous night would have annihilated me.
The night consisted of sack whacks and dresses being lifted (ahem Zico!) but overall it was FANTASTIQUE!

Saturday - POLE DANCE FOR BREAST CANCER - enough said -

Then came the mundane routine of cramming the weekends worth of notes on Sunday so you can attend Uni the following week.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's that time of year, where Uni students come out in their thousands and pack the Roundhouse at UNSW for the annual Oktoberfest.
It is where German Beer becomes the favourite drink of all time and running into friends every corner you turn is always occurring.
I had no intention of going to Oktoberfest this year, partially because I simply cannot be bothered but F managed to convince me!
It's going to be a crazy weekend with F's 1988 Prom theme birthday on Friday night followed by Pole dancing classes on Saturday! (That's right people POLE DANCING!) But all the frenzy aside .....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6th sense, no?

Andrew & my brother both believe they have a sixth sense.

Andrew: I can always wake up one minute before my alarm!!!
Liana: oh yeah, your 6th sense?
Liana: Just thought you should know it's called a body clock.


Monday, October 12, 2009


So if anyone out there, is willing to swap these tickets, I will love you forever and ever and ever.

and ever....

I have been forced to include the message (below). If you read any further & suffer from a loss of high amounts of IQ points, it will only be your own fault as I have warned you..

I think John.B is the best guy in the entire world for driving me home last night.

Friday, October 9, 2009

U Went Shit

I thought I escaped the evil grip of economics =(

AFL Trade Week

I think I belong in Melbourne, Victoria. My love my AFL is too big.
On the topic of AFL, trade week was absolutely crazy.
Personally I think Brisbane excelled in the trades and will probably come out on top. Snagging Raines (Richmond), Staker (WCE), Buchanan (Sydney )= ), Clarke (STK) and the infamous Fevola (Carlton). With the likes of Clarke and of course, Fevola, Brisbane will come out with all guns blazing in 2010.

Carlton lost their star player, Fevola which had caused them much strife over the years, most recently his drunken stunt at the Brownlow Medal presentation at Crown Casino in Melbourne. However, they managed to sign McLean (Melb.) and Henderson (Bris.) in the hectic trade week.

Over the years of my devoted love to AFL, I have managed to grow a large dislike towards the Collingwood Magpies. Their game play tactic and fans manage to hit a nerve within me that sets of rage sparks, so when I heard they secured Sydney's ruckman Jolly, my hate grew at an astonishing rate. Hate for the club aside, I adore Jolly, it is such a shame that it was the Pies who secured him.

Bombers (Essendon) fall in as my second favourite team. But I was surprised at their action of giving up Lovett to STK. In return, Bombers received Williams (Hawthorn).

Freshest premiers, Geelong lost Mumford in the trade week but welcomed in Drum (Frem.)

2008 Premiers, Hawthorn snagged Burgoyne (Port) after much trouble regarding a retracted offer to trade Brown. They also say goodbye to Kennedy and McGlynn in amongst the trade frenzy.

Port Adelaide scored Nash (Ess.) and Schulz (Richmond).

Sydney scored a deal with long running rivals WCE to snatch Seaby. Swans managed to seal a deal with Hawthorn and signed McGlynn and Kennedy late this week. With the loss of ruckman, Jolly to Collingwood, Mumford (Cats) was signed to ease the pain.

West Coast's Staker, famous for getting the rough end of the stick with Barry Hall early in the 2008 season, left for Brisbane but scored Dalziell in return.

Western Bulldogs and Sydney shared a friendship momentarily when Sydney handed over retired Barry Hall. Their desperation for a key forward has been answered.

Fremantle, Melbourne, North Melbourne & Adelaide had a small role in the trades of the past week.

distance makes the heart grow fonder

Andrew says (12:05 AM):
i got my vaccine shot
for swine flu
then i swan
and pt
Liana says (12:05 AM):
are they free?
i should get one
Andrew says (12:05 AM):
whats free?
Liana says (12:06 AM):
swine flu vaccine
Andrew says (12:09 AM):
yeah it is
Liana says (12:09 AM):
i thought you don't like needles
Andrew says (12:10 AM):
i dont
but being the asian i am
its free
and can save my life
so i took it

HAHAHA! I wish my darling Andrew lived in Sydney; instead of the place which takes 12 hours to drive to.
Love all around.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

some fine institution

How has Ticketmaster not been burnt down?
Big Day Out tickets were released 11 hours prior to the assigned time so my friends and I went into a frenzy; buying tickets left right & center.
The leak was plugged an hour later resulting in everyone questioning how valid these tickets really were. It was confirmed that these tickets will be honoured.
I slept easy ....
Until 9AM, when I discovered S had his card maxed the f*ck out (excuse the French).

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lesson #182

Do not play Guitar Hero for lengths of up to and/or over 2 hours. You WILL experience sharp, stabbing and rather uncomfortable pains in your wrist.

Happy Labour Day long weekend, my fellow Australians.
It's so true when they say Australian's love their long weekends.

Friday, October 2, 2009


There's always something soothing about sleeping to the sound of rain. I'm probably going to get a goods nights sleep tonight.

it will kill me

We're currently working on a contemporary to Jason Mraz's song, If It Kills Me. It will be a paired piece. I've been paired with Joel; who I am usually paired with. He always seems to drop me though.
I'm almost positive, in fact, 100% certain we will not replicate the intensity this performance from the 5th season of SYTYCD US had.
I am completely in LOVE with Jason Glover.

sweet pea

I keep on forgetting to forget about you.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

only andrew...

Old blog browsing..

(12:44 AM) Andrew: today
(12:44 AM) Andrew: some lady walks in
(12:44 AM) Andrew: to buy ham
(12:45 AM) Andrew: "hi gorgeous!"
(12:45 AM) Andrew: "hey hots it going?"
(12:45 AM) Andrew: shes like
(12:45 AM) Andrew: i wanted to go to the pub
(12:45 AM) Andrew: but i dont want to go by mself
(12:45 AM) Andrew: its so cold
(12:45 AM) Andrew: im like yeah what can i get you
(12:45 AM) L.: ....................
(12:45 AM) Andrew: then she goes i dont want to go home either
(12:45 AM) Andrew: my partner abuses me
(12:45 AM) Andrew: im ok....
(12:45 AM) L.:
(12:45 AM) Andrew: then she goes i thought about it a few times
(12:45 AM) Andrew: to commit suicide
(12:46 AM) Andrew: but i didnt
(12:46 AM) Andrew: im like yeah no shit
(12:46 AM) L.: LOL
(12:46 AM) L.: were you feeling awkward by now
(12:46 AM) Andrew: then she goes alot of people love me and care about me
(12:46 AM) Andrew: "yeah good for you"

It's moment's like these

I always know when I go to Uni I will have a great time. I still think back and often reminisce with my friends about our hilarious moments. Such as the time Steven thought beef & pork were the same thing, or the time Felicia thought the VIP card from McDonalds was a one time only usage card, or even the time Andrew teased Valerie for a year about the way she said "twenty thousand".
I miss first year University days.
I miss these guys (L)