Friday, October 9, 2009

distance makes the heart grow fonder

Andrew says (12:05 AM):
i got my vaccine shot
for swine flu
then i swan
and pt
Liana says (12:05 AM):
are they free?
i should get one
Andrew says (12:05 AM):
whats free?
Liana says (12:06 AM):
swine flu vaccine
Andrew says (12:09 AM):
yeah it is
Liana says (12:09 AM):
i thought you don't like needles
Andrew says (12:10 AM):
i dont
but being the asian i am
its free
and can save my life
so i took it

HAHAHA! I wish my darling Andrew lived in Sydney; instead of the place which takes 12 hours to drive to.
Love all around.

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