Friday, October 23, 2009

commitment issues

I'm beginning to think I have commitment issues; and that's not the issues relating to relationships, but more so, my commitment to projects I insist on starting.
Case in point - this very blog.
I haven't attended to this overly neglected blog in over a week and I am terribly sorry :( truth is, my crazy weekend was followed by a string of assignments and that needed completing. Let me re-cap!

LAST Thursday - Oktoberfest. I remembered lining up to get inside and buy my drinks & I remember leaving and heading to World Square Bar. Everything else in between these events are a little hazy. N2S: Lower alcohol intake!

LAST Friday - Feli's second 21st birthday party! Best themed party I have been to thus far. 1988 Prom was such a grand idea and most people came in theme (thank you Lewisham boys for wearing those sexy bow ties). I was too scared to get overly drunk as a repeat of the previous night would have annihilated me.
The night consisted of sack whacks and dresses being lifted (ahem Zico!) but overall it was FANTASTIQUE!

Saturday - POLE DANCE FOR BREAST CANCER - enough said -

Then came the mundane routine of cramming the weekends worth of notes on Sunday so you can attend Uni the following week.


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