Thursday, July 1, 2010

FRANKIE; Issue 36 - July/August

I am aware that I am late with these reviews, but truth be told I have been so busy lately, I'm surprised I've found time to breathe. Last night was my first night at home in almost 2 weeks so I wanted to enjoy it, under my blanket watching Gilmore Girls.
But in amongst my frenzy that is, work, internship applications & holiday planning, I found time to read Frankie 36.

The July/August edition of Frankie is really no different from the rest. It's balance of art, fashion and music make reading it a pleasure. Throw in a simplistic, easy to read layout, vintage-esque photography & a splash of sarcasm, and you've got yourself Frankie.
This issue featured a mini interview with the Midnight Juggernauts, an adorable park bench couple ring by Chasing Rabbit, subtley funny reviews on soup & milk based soaps and serious articles about new Australian citizens & depression.
You've got the usual 'i love my shop' interview and recipe you have 2 months to perfect before the nexy recipe is thrown at you. The fashion was wonderful as it is in every issue.
A pleasurable read nonetheless.
Jo Walker, you've done it again!

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