Wednesday, August 4, 2010


You'll have to excuse me as I mop up all my excuses over the past 4-5 years I've been blogging and throw them at you. I have been slacking off for way too long!
But given my current circumstances, I felt that maybe I could be excused from my usual blogging duties.
The past month has been ridiculously busy to say the least. Blogging became something like a menial task for me and my life was overtaken by other things.

...involved copious amounts of alcohol consumption as well as laughter, love and gossip. Melbourne, as a city, was an absolute joy to be in. Luckily I got to spend it with two amazing girls & a wonderful best friend who I had missed way too much. I have never been able to cram so much into four days but it was do-able. We explored Highpoint with Andrew & Joey, we drank ourselves silly at the hotel, we cut lines at nightclubs, met amazing Melbournians, we dined at Crown Casino and even managed to win a handy $15. And that was just DAY ONE!
We tore Chapel Street apart in 6 hours, dined in and didn't burn the apartment down, we were drunk before we left the apartment and then we did things that can only remain in Melbourne!
Day three involved three very hungover SydneySiders failing to navigate their way around Melbourne. Throw in some alcohol at night with three, albeit weak, Melbournian boys and you've got yourself a night to remember (or forget).
After all of that it was expected that the 8.30AM flight back to Sydney would be difficult to make. And such difficulties saw truth when we managed to miss our flight resulting in three girls setting up camp in the airport terminal for 7 hours.
In summation, Melbourne was fun sprinkled with AMAZING! With plans to head back there in December, Melbourne better be prepared for ROUND TWO!!

JULY 15-19TH
As if I didn't have enough of Melbourne the weekend prior, eight of the most friendliest faces from Melbourne arrived in Sydney. One out of the eight being my best friend. And then we did it all over again...partied till the sun rose (literally on some occasions).
Day one saw me on vomit bag duty after the boys smashed 2 cases of beer in 2 hours. Seeing your best friend spew is not something someone wants to witness. Holding the bag for him to spew is on a whole new level of disgusting! To add to the rising number of failures the boys had racked up, they managed to pass out by 5PM.
We went with the FLOW the next day and ended up at World Square Pub and as it ticked over to my 20th birthday, I was nursing a very sick Andrew back to good health so he could make it to my birthday. Poor effort on his part to fall sick on the eve of my birthday.
The rest of the Melbourne boys' stay remains a bit of a blur as I have little to no recollection of my own birthday or any events happening the day after. I'm getting too old for this.
But I do recall a lot of tears as emotions ran high when we parted. Saying bye to your best friend and not knowing when you'll see him next seriously sucks. I had every intention of chaining these boys to poles as a means to keep them in Sydney. I even went as far as hugging Andrew until he almost missed his train. I love my best friend <3.

After two weekends of crazy fun fun fun, I had work for a solid 7 days straight. All while nursing a killer fever which were a result of the aforementioned weekends. How I survived work is beyond me, but I had to make up for my extravagent spending habits.

Then after all of that University started to rear it's ugly head again. So I was yanked away from my blog once again and thrown into a world of stress, readings, lectures, tutorials and more stress. It sucks that I can't add hot boys to that list but UWS is kind of lacking of such specimen.

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