Monday, May 17, 2010


After a lengthy delay with my blog posts, I AM BACK.
The past couple of weeks have been absolute bonkers, with assignments, tests, quizzes & birthday parties to attend to. So that sort of explains my break.
But I'm not going to drown you all with mindless complaining about how pathetic University is. Instead...I'll do a quick over view.
30th April: The night Felicia, Anna and I discovered THE nicest beer ever. I suggest you give Belgian Beer Cafe, in The Rocks a shot. In particuar order the Floris Apple beer. It tasted like sparklin apple juice. Simply delish!
1st May: CREAMFIELDS. It was a messy, messy afternoon with my ladies & a few familiar faces.
14th May: Dinner with the ladies. Never a dull moment with these females. "Family bog after the family box" LOLOL
16th May: My darling Zico's birthday. Good night spent with even better people. It was a night of constant shoe stepping on, intentional attempts to trip each other over, non-stop teasing & laughing. And who could forget the magic candles we fooled Zico with?

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