Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy months ahead!

My constant falling off the bloggosphere is unacceptable, I know. Life's beben super crazy once again, with no prospect of it slowing down. With exams looming I'm spending more time with my face nestled in a book in a library.
But apart from exams coming up, I have about a million things going on come holiday time!
Upon finishing exams, I have:
  • A three joint 21st birthday
  • A highly anticipated AFL game.
  • A weekend away to Melbourne with my ladies, Felicia & Anna. This also gives me a chance to catch up with my brother from another mother, Andrew, who I haven't seen in about..4-5 years!
  • Days after coming back to Sydney, Andrew's coming up from Melbourne for my birthday. Love him too much!
  • My 20th birthday!
  • Temper Trap gig
  • Winterbeatz (Ne-Yo & T-Pain)
  • Shaun & John's 22nd birthday
  • Anna's 21st birthday party
  • Another AFL game

Somewhere in amongst all that I have to fit in tutorial registrations & semester 2 beginning. Whether or not I survive & last the distance is another question.

But the purpose of all that was to let you guys know, in advance, that I may not have the time to blog as often! But for the avid readers, I've joined twitter! So just follow me to see where I'm at etc.


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omfailing said...

OMGOMG, you own a blog!!! Defz following you :D:D:D