Sunday, June 20, 2010


I blog with this with the confidence that my illiterate manager won't come across it. Just to be clear, I work at a restaurant and at a dance studio, it is the former that has got me as worked up as I am right now.

Never in my 8 months of employment there have I been more f#&king pissed off at the place in all its entirety.
I was generous enough to LOAN the place my Michael Buble album which was a cherished Christmas present, only to find, much to my disgust, it lying on the table with your phone and keys sprawled all over it. Do you have no respect for other peoples possessions? Unless you have the intention of covering the cost of the CD, don't expect me to be all nice and forgiving about it.

You and your crazy ass expectations of me learning a menu in ANOTHER FUCKING LANGUAGE is undeniably, the most outrageous. Instead of making me learn what ever language it is you expect me to, maybe you should brush up on your English skills seeing as we live in Australia and all. 'Cause we all know it's "what WOULD you like?" and not "what COULD you like?" Just saying.

Maybe if you got off your ass once in a while and actually helped out around the place, customers won't be so dissatisfied when they have to wait lengthy periods for some service. I'm not the spawn of superwoman here alright? I don't have a clone of myself who can help me answer a phone call every now and then or serve a customer while I clean up the mess you've made.

And please, for the love of all things good, don't "forbid" me from yawning. It's a normal human bodily function.

So fuck off or I'ma bring health services on yo ass, bitch!


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@anonymous: I know that's you Jason! LOLOL