Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Stereosonic was ... awesome without the awesome. So in other words it was fairly mediocre. I was moderately pleased with the set up, but whose fricking idea was it to put the Rocket stage right in between Hordern and RHI? It was almost impossible to enjoy the Rocket stage because you would be elbowed or pushed aside by people trying to get through.
The sound on the main stage was appalling. I struggled to hear the beats over the 30 odd thousand people screaming for their favourite acts. Sounds inside RHI were decent until Crookers came on. You would think that they would be using equipment suitable to handling such loud decibles of music, but no, Crookers managed to blow a speaker.
The heat inside RHI was unbearabe at some points. Breathing was a task which I struggled with (multiply this twice as I went to Stereosonic nursing a cold).
The drinks were all mid-strength ones at $10 a can. So I basically spent my day sober.
A part of me wishes the supposed riots outside RHI before Bloody Beetroots came on did occur. It woud have made for a much more interesting day.

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annieo said...

hello love!
stereosonic was hmmm... ok i guess, it was good because two of my friends who NEVER go to festivals were finally dragged out to stereo for the first time so it was fun finally being at a festival with them but YES OMG IT WAS A FREAKING SAUNA INSIDE RHI, i looked like i decided to walk over to moore park after a swim in a pool LOL