Thursday, December 31, 2009

to a year that was ...

Ultimate highs & unimaginable lows.
The best parties and weekends I have ever experienced.
High grades for the first time since ... ever.
As per tradition, I sum up my year with a load of thank you's and I love you's to all those who made a difference in my year. I recount great laughs and reflect on the pitfalls along the way, but I think what I draw from this summary is mainly a sense of closure and maturity. I shed down another barrier and ponder on what this means for the coming year, that is 2010. So here goes nothing:

Aaron Tran:
As always, you will come first because are the only one in this list who has been there for me since DAY ONE ... literally. I honestly believed last year, when I said I couldn't love you more, it was the truth, but alas, I manage to find a little more room in my heart for a little more love just for you. My big brother of immense size and personality, I love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you for having my back for yet another painful (for you) 365 days. I know I am a brat and a spoilt one at that, and I am so thankful you have had the nerve to endure this for 19 and a half years!

Julianna Cruz:
It sucks because you left late last year. I haven't seen you for over 365 days and it's safe to say that I am still suffering from withdrawal symptoms. That being, constant eye twitches as I have had to bottle up all excess anger that I have not been able to vent out to you, as we did for 15 years prior. I miss you so much my darling Julianna. I know we don't talk often anymore, with thanks to your hectic dance schedule and my ... well, my nothing. I am sorry I haven't been there for you as much as we would have hoped this year. But despite being literally half a world away, you will always make a difference in my life.

Christina Pizzolato:
AHHH the good ol' CP. I don't think I have met someone who is so in sync with me. You would probably think our menstural cycle would be in sync by now. This year was bigger and better than the last year, in terms of the amount of laughter and tears we shared. I love that I can just call you and skip all the formalities and just jump straight into my day. I know you'll be listening (and laughing) on the other end of the line without even thinking of yourself. You're selfless like that. I love you, like that.

Jason Sim:
I HATE YOU. I really do. I hate that I miss you so much. I hate that we don't talk much anymore. I hate that I know you live like 1 minute away and we still don't make an effort to spend time with each other. That being said, I love all the laughs we shared this year; I love our random late night pancake trips with CP; I love our ridiculous stories about how Unicorns rule the world and how there is a Woolworths on top of Fitness First in Castle Towers. But I think most of all I love you and your company, your laugh, your love. YOU!

Andrew Nguyen:
Yes, you FINALLY made the list. Despite our parents knowing each other since ... the 60's. Literally. You've provided me with much entertainment this year despite living in Melbourne. Our AFL rivalry and our friendship was a true blessing to me this year. I don't think I could have made it through this year's low's without you. So I owe much more than just this small message to you. I don't think I will ever forget your stupid fear of dying because of Cancer, nor will I ever forget the day I woke you with a message whilst you were in a lecture, which you, in return, made me laugh to myself while I was in the middle of a lecture. Thank you, Brother Bear. I LOVE YOU!
There are so many more shout-out's which need to be made but I'm strapped for time this year around. So in short, thank you:

Felicia Hasibuan
Kenny Wu
John Buesing
Zico Truong
Tasha McEwen
Shaun Alim
Con Popa
Katrine Huynh
Rick Duarte
Andrew Tran

...If I missed you it doesn't mean I love you any less, although it probably means your contribution to my year was shit and that you have a lot to make up for next year. I am kidding =).
But I apologise if you have been missed.
I love you all.
Thank you for such a great year. May 2010 bring just as many laughs except more!
Have a safe + a happy new year my loves. See you all on the other side, that is, 2010.

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