Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Guns don't kill people ... Lazer's do.

If you don't already have Major Lazer's album I suggest you get off your ass and go get yourself a copy RIGHT NOW!

While my holidays have been nothing but busy, busy and ... did I mention busy? I finally found some time to sit at home and complete things which have been crying my name for weeks. I feel some what relaxed and back at home with my laundry complete, car washed AND vacuumed.

All the boring, housewife stuff aside, HOW WAS EVERYONES NYE's?
I for one, can say that NYE was well spent. Despite having to work until 9.30PM, Christina & I managed to get back out onto the road and at John's house by 10.30PM. (Please note that I work out in the Hills District & John lives near Bankstown Airport; factor in time to get ready and eat, I think we did fairly well).
Big Day Out is in TWO weeks! Excited? Yes, but I am trying very very hard to contain it as I was overly excited for Stereosonic and was instead, left sitting on the fence about the festival overall. That being said, I am spending BDO with a completely different group of friends and I'm sure they know how to party!
New Years Resolution progress:
I haven't cut down on my MSN + Facebook consumption, partially because I am still on holidays, so this resolution will have to be delayed another month + three weeks as University doesn't start until March 1st!
My healthy eating, dance diet has kicked into full force. Now I don't want people to think "WHAT?! This girl doesn't need to lose weight" and I agree, I don't. I'm quite content with my current weight, being 57-58kg. But I am an avid dancer, and with dancing comes a strict diet which doesn't involve starving (this misconception can get on my nerves). The main point of the diet is to keep me fit enough to dance on a three times a week basis.

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