Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My temporary nickname (in amongst a hoard of other, much more unfortunate ones) is currently Zebra.
Let me tell you why!
I ventured to the beach yesterday as the temperature soared to the high 30's. CP, Mick and I set up camp at this tiny secluded beach just off Cronulla (I'm guesstimating it is about a 2-5 minute drive). Despite being filled with littlies, it was really serene. The water was a perfect temperature and the shallow parts stretched out to really far distances. If you walk out far enough, you will reach a ridge in the water where the knee level water suddenly becomes deep enough to drown a grown adult!
But anyway, we tanned for about half an hour before we had to make a long trek home. We are not air-con people so we were rolling with the windows down. Little did we know, this was tanning us, on one side only! CP and I were unfortunate enough to have only tanned on our left thigh & arm. So now I'm black + white. Hence, Zebra.
On a completely irrelevant note....
I am confused.

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