Wednesday, April 21, 2010

shaun the sheep

Liana says (11:34 PM):
*thought you should know zicos plottng against you. LOL.
Liana says (11:35 PM):
*apparent bbq at your house it seems
Shaun says (11:35 PM):
*no chance
*tell him his dreaming
*i told him already
*me and con only
Liana says (11:36 PM):
*...woah, don't go overboard on the fun factor shaun!
Shaun says (11:36 PM):
*what never, never enough fun
Liana says (11:37 PM):
*yeah, but uni's a killjoy, so fun is non existant.
Shaun says (11:37 PM):
*uni has failed u
Liana says (11:37 PM):
Liana says (11:38 PM):
*i could say the same for you, shaun ;)
Shaun says (11:38 PM):
Liana says (11:38 PM):
*why would you try to prove a point about a spelling error with a spelling error in the sentence. silly boy!
Shaun says (11:39 PM):
*to give you some hope
Liana says (11:40 PM):
*oh OUCH!
*that hurt !
Shaun says (11:40 PM):
*i must have a good aim then..hahha
Liana says (11:41 PM):
*: and to think you couldn't get any more lame ...

A good minute later, Shaun segued his way into a discussion about Justin Bieber. I hope he's not insinuating that Bieber is lame! =(

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