Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A crazy weekend spent with the girls again! Pub Crawl was well spent this time, the three pittstop rule was enforced and was very successful! Started off cheap at Pavillion where we gathered as a small group, then headed to the VERY classy Hilton Hotel for Marble Bar and finished off down the road at Brooklyn Hotel.
After all the frenzy of getting tickled, winning scissors paper rock TWICE in a row ;), falling out of bar stools and screaming obscenities out the car window, we crashed at Felicia's house at a solid 5AM
After all the nutty drinking, parasailing was on the agenda with the bestie at Manly. By far the best adrenaline experience I've ever had! Weather was perfect as were wind conditions. But we all froze after getting out of the water!
With the ladies at Pavillion
A very drunk Felicia raping yours truly at Marble Bar.

Reunited with the Stereosonic buddy, Andy!

Wreaking havoc in Felicia's kitchen again!

All strapped up and ready for some high flying!

Getting buckled in!

And offff weeee goooo..

Getting dunked.

On the way back down to the safe boat.

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